Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Addition to last blog!!


In my last blog I wrote about Oakes instead of on Finn. Finns passage on what he does in his classroom was a lot harder to read that Oakes. It was one of those readings where I stopped and gave up because I got bored with it. As I was reading it I connected it a lot with Delpit. Delpit is all about rules and codes and following them the correct way. For an example telling his students what he wants, not asking a question which will cause an argument. Finn seems to have good control of his class, although some students may agree that he isn't a "fun" or "easy going" teacher, he is a teacher who does his job the right way. He has control over his students. He has control over the class and more learning gets done. This reminds me of high school. There was always that one teacher that would goof around with his students then all of a sudden the bell would ring and class would be over. In Finns class it's more about focusing and following the rules. These students will get more accomplished and become better learners. 
I can also compare this article with my service learning.  I am in a kindergarten classroom where the rules aren't followed as much as they should be. I seen it hands on how the teacher is very lenient on her students. Rules aren't followed as they should me. There are a list of rules on the wall of the classroom, but I can say almost every rule is broken in the hour and a half I am with the students.
In my classroom I would love it to be three-quarters like Finns and the rest a little lenient. I don't believe in a classroom and a teacher to be strict throughout the whole day. But when it's learning time the students need to know how to stop what they are doing and become more serious. 

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