Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Tracking in Schools"


As I read the article “Tracking: Why Schools Need to Take Another Route,” I compared it to myself in elementary and middle school. I had an IEP and I am not embarrassed to say it. I just didn’t learn how everyone else did and I struggled a lot with reading and writing. “On the other side, growing numbers of school professionals and parents oppose tracking because they believe it locks most students into classes where they are stereotyped as “less able,” and where they have fewer opportunities to learn.” I disagree with this because I think students placed into classes that fits their needs is very helpful for them. Everyone is a different learner; in order for these students to succeed just like myself I needed to be placed in a class where I wouldn’t be struggling.
When I was in sixth grade I didn’t need to have an IEP anymore. In the years before I had extra help in order to become the student I am today. I then was tested too high to have an IEP. I agree with some of this article when they talked about “Uneven Opportunities.” “In low-ability classes, for example, teachers seem to be less encouraging and more punitive, placing more emphasis on discipline and behavior and less on academic learning.” I agree with this statement because it reminds me of classes in high school, rather than when I had an IEP in elementary and middle school. In my high school there were comp classes and college prep classes. I felt as though the teachers who taught comp classes didn’t encourage their students. They didn’t really have hope for their students and teachers who taught college prep classes. I think that no matter what the level of a student is it, they should all get the same attention from a teacher no matte what level they are on. In my classroom I will work to encourage my students into learning and getting good grades! This article made me think a lot about student’s evaluation and how they are placed. It also brings me to think about SATs scores and standardized test. They don’t really determine a student at all, especially myself.

This article reminds me of a “Delpit moment.” I think of this because I didn’t like how they used the words to describe a student as less ability then a higher ability. It makes me think of how the teachers in the comp classes in my high school described their students. They used the wrong words, instead of encouraging their students they sort of put them down not realizing it.

This link will lead you to learn more about tracking and whether it is good or not for students.


  1. Hey Gianna ! Awesome post ! I loved how you shared your own personal "tracking" story. I was really interesting to hear your views on tracking and it awesome that the IEP helped you be the student that you are today ! Great job !

  2. I love this post. It was great that you were able to connect to this article on a personal level. I also liked how you shared your own story and how you agreed or disagreed with the ideas in the reading. Nice job.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post! It was really interesting to see that you could relate this to a personal connection. Also, I really liked how you pointed out your on views whether you agreed or disagreed! Love it!!